Chiropractic Testimonials

"Yeah man, ever since you worked on me and got my knees back to a proper condition, you really made it so I went from being able to barely leg press 200lbs with my legs to over 400lbs easy with no pain. Using your functional screening and how my legs performed when going through motions really helped out!"
- Caleb H.

"Dr. Brian is great since he really just listens to what you need. He adjusts how he treats according to your life and what stresses your body goes through. He finds out where the pain is coming from, not just the place it hurts. I have tried many other Chiropractors that did not get what I needed and he spent his time to make sure I got the care I needed."
- Lisa H.

"I had 6 months of great success with my hand and body before I noticed any carpel tunnel issues returning and that's with a desk job on a computer all day. Just the understanding Dr. Brian has with the body and how everything works together really helps out with the issues I experienced and saved me from having to get surgery. It even surprised my PCP since they could not understand how consistently he was helping out people like myself with this same issue. Just a huge lifesaver and will even do house visits as needed."
- Karen B.

"I live in 2 areas of the country, here in PA and down in Florida. The Chiropractors down there are not good for me, they are more worried about their lunches than their patients, on top of that don't listen. Dr. Brian goes that full mile with me and my head injuries. I specifically make sure when I am up in PA I have time set aside to see him since then I can function and he get's it right. He does everything I need done to stop the ringing in my ears along with making it so that I can function within my job as a lawyer."
- Farley K.

"I first met Dr. Brian when he was working for another Chiropractor, it was on a day when the other Chiropractor was not in and I needed to really get myself out of pain. I was worried at first since he was fresh out of school, but he did more for me than the other doctor did since he was more for just adjusting, he worked on my muscles as well as adjusting my back and I could not be happier. He was also one of the few doctors I could find anywhere that accepted UPMC insurance which is a God send for me."
- Ray H.


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